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Why Every Business Loan Broker Needs a Top-Notch Funding Application Web Form

Updated: Feb 17

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In the fast-paced world of business lending and fintech, efficiency is key. But let's face it, clunky, time-consuming online forms can leave your clients frustrated and potentially leave your website before finishing the application. That's where a robust funding application web form comes in, acting as your digital gateway to smoother operations, and more clients.

But with so many options available, choosing the right web form can feel overwhelming.

Here's why you, as a business loan broker, should seriously consider a solution like Funder Intel's funding application web form:

1. Designed for Busy Brokers

Funder Intel's web form understands your time constraints. Its multi-page format guides applicants through the process one step at a time, ensuring they capture all necessary information without feeling overwhelmed. This streamlined approach reduces errors and saves you valuable time clarifying missing details. Our application has been approved by direct funders for having all of the information needed for underwriting. If an update is needed to comply with regulations, it's very simple to do so.

2. No Coding Headaches

Integration should be seamless, not stressful. Our webform requires no coding knowledge for installation. Once purchased, you receive a URL that you can use to duplicate the form. Follow the platform-specific instructions, and you're up and running, ready to accept applications in minutes. This means more time focusing on what you do best: securing the best loans for your clients.

  • Have a WordPress site? There is a plugin from Jotform that provides a simple install.

  • For most website builders you will find it easy to install the web form.

This video shows you how to Clone our form in Jotform

3. Built to Scale with You

As your business grows, your webform shouldn't hold you back. Funder Intel's solution is built on Jotform, which can handle unlimited application volume, ensuring it can adapt to your increasing success. Plus, their paid plans offer features like custom branding and data exporting, allowing you to personalize the experience and gain valuable insights.

4. Affordability Meets Functionality

Investing in the right tools shouldn't break the bank. Our webform strikes the perfect balance, offering exceptional functionality at an accessible price point of $159. This makes it a smart investment for brokers of all sizes, delivering significant value without straining your budget.

5. The Power of Jotform Integration

Built on the reliable Jotform platform, Funder Intel's web form inherits its robust features and security. You can rest assured knowing your clients' data is safe and secure, while you enjoy the benefits of a user-friendly interface and seamless integration with various tools.

Beyond the Basics: The Competitive Edge

But our web form goes beyond just collecting data. It offers additional features that give you a competitive edge:

  • Conditional logic: Tailor the application experience based on user responses, ensuring relevant questions are asked and streamlining the process for everyone.

  • E-signatures: Eliminate the need for printing and scanning with secure electronic signatures and an audit trail, expediting the approval process.

  • Progress tracking: Keep applicants informed and engaged with real-time updates on their application status.

The Bottom Line

In today's competitive landscape, efficiency and a positive client experience are crucial for business loan brokers. Funder Intel's funding application web form empowers you to achieve both, with its user-friendly design, and scalability. It's the smart choice to streamline your operations, impress clients, and ultimately, secure more deals.

Ready to transform your application process? Click below to get started.


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