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The Ultimate MCA Calculator

Use this calculator to determine the cost of a Merchant Cash Advance and the effective APR.

Be sure to include all Fees associated with the MCA transaction to get true APR using the MCA Calculator below.

By definition, a Merchant Cash Advance is a purchase of Future Receivables at a discount. The Buyer is the Funding company and the Seller is the Merchant. The funding company advances the buyer funds at closing which is to be paid back over time via daily, weekly or bi-monthly payments.


A business owner in need of quick access to capital may be wondering if a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) is right for your business. As opposed to a typical term loan, the approval process for an MCA(aka Working Capital or Revenue Based financing) is short, can be done online and the credit requirements are minimal.

MCA Calculator
For true APR you can use actual days not just number of payments.


Merchant needs $100,000, he's offered an MCA with a 1.25 factor rate over 12 months, which equals a total payback of $125,000. with 21 payments per month, totaling 252 daily payments at $496 per payment.

Underwriting Calculator

If you are regularly underwriting files, we have created an underwriting calculator. Click below to view.

As a go-to resource in the business lending industry, we understand the importance of providing accurate and user-friendly tools for business loan brokers, funding companies, and other third parties.

Our Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) Calculator is designed to help you make informed decisions by offering a clear and concise method for estimating cash advance payments. This guide aims to discuss the importance of the MCA Calculator and how it can help you better serve your clients.

What is an MCA Calculator?
An MCA Calculator is an invaluable online tool for professionals in the business lending industry, assisting them in estimating the costs of a merchant cash advance. This calculator provides insights into the repayment terms, daily or weekly payment amounts, and total payback amounts based on the advanced amount and factor rate. By simply inputting the necessary information, you can quickly assess the feasibility of an MCA for your client's specific financial situation.

Benefits of Using an MCA Calculator
In today's fast-paced business environment, having access to reliable tools can make all the difference. Our MCA Calculator offers several advantages, including:

Time savings: Quickly assess the financial implications of a merchant cash advance, enabling you to focus on other important aspects of your business.
Increased accuracy: Minimize the risk of human error and ensure accurate calculations for a more confident decision-making process.
Better client service: Armed with the right information, you can help your clients better understand the costs and benefits of an MCA, leading to more informed decisions.

Examples of How the MCA Calculator Can Be Utilized
Our MCA Calculator is versatile and can be used for a wide range of scenarios, such as:

A business owner seeking funding can use the MCA Calculator to determine if the total payback amount and estimated daily or weekly payment amounts are correct and compare them to other offers.

A business loan broker can compare various merchant cash advance offers by inputting different advance amounts and factor rates into the MCA Calculator, ultimately identifying the most competitive offer for their client.

A funding company can assess the repayment terms and conditions of multiple MCA offers, allowing them to make more informed decisions about which deals to fund.

Alternatives to Merchant Cash Advances
While MCAs may be an attractive solution for some businesses, they may not be the best fit for every financial situation. Our website offers a wealth of resources to help you explore alternative funding options, such as:

  • Term loans

  • Lines of credit

  • Invoice financing

  • Asset-based loans

  • SBA loans

By comparing these options using our various resources, you can ensure you or your clients are equipped with the knowledge they need to make the best decisions.

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