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Income Verification

What is Income Verification?

Income verification includes a thorough assessment of income from bank statements and other sources as well as ensuring the business is tax compliant.

The purpose of tax due diligence, which is most commonly used on the buy-side of a transaction, is to find large potential tax risks.

Funding companies often use an income verification service in underwriting to find information on a merchant that cannot easily be found through normal channels.

Below is one of the main companies offering such a service for business financing companies. We will add more companies to this list in the near future.


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tax guard

*Tax Guard

Tax Guard is the pioneering tax risk solution available to commercial lenders across the country. Their risk mitigation and due diligence tools provide the lender with the most comprehensive understanding of their prospective borrower's and/or client’s tax compliance. Through the use of our proprietary computer-based tax reports, they assist lenders prior to financing and throughout the course of their lending relationships.

Tax Guard’s guidance gives lenders unprecedented peace of mind with the knowledge of credit risks before they appear. This assurance allows for lenders to fund with confidence utilizing the cost-effective and partner-centric solution that Tax Guard offers

Public Record Searches for Federal Tax Liens are Often Incomplete and Outdated.
Get immediate insight into your clients’ unpaid federal tax debt well before federal tax liens are filed.

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