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Specialty Funding Platforms

The average business owner needs to look outwards for funding to grow their business. Unfortunately, there are funding barriers that are preventing growth in certain niche industries. 

Since the economy has advanced even more consumers online since the shutdown and closure of many businesses, there is now more demand online than ever before. That demand is causing e-commerce companies to increase their capacity to deliver their products or services or risk being left behind. Thus the need for funding.

Below are funding companies that are considered specialty lenders because of the type of financing they provide to certain businesses. Their services understand the intricate details of an e-commerce business and its needs. Often they will be the best option rather than a traditional bank or other alternative funding company that is broad in its core competencies.

This is not an endorsement for these companies so please perform your own due diligence before working with them.

Advertising Disclosure 

Advertising Disclosure


Get working capital in as little as 48 hrs. to grow your eCommerce store.
With SellersFunding, you’ll quickly receive the funding you need to drive more sales and increase your profitability.
SellersFunding financial platform has three tools to help you sell more.
  • Funding: Pre-qualify for up to $1 Million with our working capital solution, so you’ll have the free flowing cash to grow your business.
  • Daily: Stop waiting on Amazon to disburse your marketplace payouts. We’ll advance up to 90% of your previous day’s sales the following day.
  • Wallet: Receive your marketplace payouts, hold balances in multiple currencies, and pay suppliers in over 180 countries.

Save the hassle and time of applying for a traditional loan or using multiple platforms to convert currency.

We connect with major eCommerce platforms and marketplaces to financially fund you in under 48 hrs. or make global payments all from one platform.


Yardline Capital

We partner with professional ecommerce sellers to provide growth capital, tools, and knowledge which accelerates their businesses. Our clients gain access to data-science-backed-tools which improve their operations.
Our partnership approach enables sellers to leverage our technology and expertise to work smarter and grow faster.
  • Qualified borrowers can get up to $1 million in as soon as 48 hours with our easy application process.
  • Once you’re onboard, we’ll connect you with a dedicated Seller Success Manager, an e-commerce expert who will consult on a variety of issues from sales to operations, and identify tactics to expedite growth and increase profits.
Grow your e-commerce store and move that money line
UP AND TO THE RIGHT™ with funding from Yardline Capital.
OAREX is a digital revenue exchange where online businesses can exchange future digital payouts and sales for upfront capital. Backed by East West Bank and Arena Investors with a $100M credit facility.
  • Funding Amounts: $5K-$5M
  • Time to Access: 24-48 hrs.
  • Daily Fee: As Low As 0.033%
  1. Open an account
  2. Connect your platforms.
  3. Sell future events.
  4. Funds on demand.
  5. Scale like an internet BOSS
Clearco is the biggest e-commerce investor in the world. In 2015, they invented a new way to fund your business.  Clearco has surpassed $1B invested in 3,300+ online businesses
  • Fast: Get a term sheet in 20 min
  • Flexible: Our data-driven investments range from $10K to $10M
  • Fair: No equity or a personal guarantee
  1. Connect Your Accounts: Connect your revenue and marketing accounts to see your term sheet in 20 min
  2. Receive Your Funding: Invest in your business needs, like ad and inventory
  3. Grow Your Business Without Giving Up Equity: Return funding as a percent of sales flexible to your business until we are paid back plus a small 6% - 12% fee
Clearco provides 'The Funding You Need On Your Terms'.
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