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Our Story

After many years working for funders in the alternative business finance industry, founder Shane Mahabir noticed the lack of a central source that could provide credible information funders and business loan brokers need to grow

their businesses.

 The ideas grew into an overall resource and content platform that provides all stakeholders in the business finance industry with information and content on various finance topics, courses, vendor lists, and a community to connect and exchange ideas.

Our Vision

To create an alternative/commercial  finance resource hub for business loan brokers, direct funders, and other stakeholders to assist all in growing their businesses and improving the

merchant experience. 

Our plans will make us a pemiere destination for content, courses, information, and an overall community of helpful members.


The unique value of what we offer is providing a centralized place for the latest in current business lending industry trends and news, unique content, user-generated reviews, vendor lists, and other reports for the

business lending industry.

Shane Mahabir, Funder Intel

Shane Mahabir - Founder and President of Funder Intel.

Shane started out in the alternative business lending industry in 2014 by joining a startup. He moved on to other Funders working in sales and back into ISO departments in various roles.
He started his own broker company before the pandemic hit. That’s when he decided to go down the path of building Funder Intel.

Shane has written many articles on the industry, created multiple courses, interviewed industry experts, and lead a mastermind group of experienced ISO owners.

Recently Shane got his MBA in Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise from LSU and has a BA in Business Management from UF.
Shane is a native Floridian who currently resides in Boca Raton, FL.

Connect with Shane On LinkedIn

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