Our Story

After many years working for funders  in the alternative business finance industry, our founder, Shane Mahabir, noticed the lack of a Primary Source that could provide credible information Funders need to grow their referral partner base with quality business loan Independent Sales Organizations(ISO) and other alternative finance brokers.

Upon starting on the journey to provide a solution to this problem, Shane also recognized other problems that brokers have in finding information on funders in a simple format and central place. The ideas for the business grew immediately to provide all in the alternative finance industry an information source on various vendors and topics that members can also contribute to.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create the primary alternative finance site for member submitted reviews and information on business loan brokers  and direct funders which will empower all stakeholders within the space and ultimately improve the

merchant experience.


The unique value in what we offer is providing a centralized place and living history of ratings, reviews, and other content of funding companies provided by only approved industry members. This includes everything from  the positive reviews, to valid reports of double funding, whether you have blacklisted a company, stacking, employee size, and more. 



Rating ISOs will benefit the whole industry while in the long run improve the overall experience for the merchants. If ISOs and brokers are held to account by a rating system like ours, they will perform better to earn good ratings otherwise it could negatively affect their business. 

Also, ISOs are able to Claim their profile so they can request funders rate them, see ratings and other info plus respond to reviews. This will allow for a dialogue on reviews and their reputation to be mainly in one place for the industry, as opposed

to Google, message boards, or social media groups where

those reviews  are done mostly by merchants