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  • What are the benefits of joining Funder Intel?
    The benefits are to network directly with other members or in our Forum, find new funding companies to work with, promote your brand, stay in the know on the latest information, and exclusive offers to events.
  • How can I attend the Mixer on Feb 22nd in Ft. Lauderdale?
    Our next networking event is set to take place on February 22nd, 2024, at the vibrant Bar Rita in Fort Lauderdale, FL starting at 6 pm. Get tickets before they sell out Online here
  • Who can become members?
    Members will consist of funders, lenders, ISOs/brokers, and other third-party companies within the commercial finance industry.
  • What courses do you offer?
    Hello, we are a couple of courses and more to come. Right now we have a Business Loan Broker and MCA Underwriting Course. There are different plans for each one but see below for more information on each of them.
  • How do I access the Forum?
    You must first be a member of the site to access the Forum. When approved as a member you can visit the forum and engage with others per the forum guidelines.
  • How can I advertise my business via Funder Intel?
    We have several options including display ads, email campaigns, social media posts, and top placement on lists. We will send you the Media kit upon request. Please submit a request from the Advertise With Us page under the MORE tab.
  • How do I earn rewards?
    Simply sign up and once approved you automatically earn an initial amount of points. Then visit the rewards page in the member's section to view how to earn more points and the rewards that are possible.
  • Where do I Claim my profile?
    For Funders, you can submit a claim request directly to the Add Your Business page. For ISOs/Brokers - goto the ISO Profiles - For Brokers members page. Next to your company press the 'Claim Now' button. We will send you an email once it is approved. Then you will be able to send free email invitations for Funders to review you or you can simply invite them yourself. Once your profile is claimed, you will notifications each time a new review is submitted.
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