Frequently asked questions

Where is the data sourced?

All data is sourced from public records or from the founders experience and database from many years of working in the MCA space. Ratings and reviews from our staff are only opinions. All other ratings and reviews from approved members do not form any legal advice.

Can I buy lists without becoming a member?

No, starting Oct 2020 you must be an approved member before we will send you the list. Its free to create a member account. You can submit a quote request in the 'ISO Data' tab.

How do I submit Reviews on ISOs?

Goto the Members- 'ISO Profiles - For Funders' tab. Once you click on the Company Name, you will see the ratings and review section to submit. After submission it will show below and if that ISO has claimed their profile they will receive an email notification.

Who can become members?

Members will consist of funders, lenders, ISOs/brokers and other third party companies within the Alternative finance industry. Members can view their own ratings and reviews and Claim their profile at no cost.

What is the FI Score?

The FI Score is made up of ratings in 3 categories: Overall experience, Volume, and Ethics. We then calculate the average to get the FI Score.

Can I get a negative review removed?

We will not remove a negative review, unless is special cases where there is sensitive information in it, like a social security number or other similar information. You do have the opportunity to respond to the member who wrote the comment but we are not arbitrators of any dispute between parties therefore we do not investigate what it true or not. We are not responsible for third party user generated comments. See 47 U.S. Code § 230 of the Communications Decency Act for more information. Also see court case

How do I submit Reviews on a Funder?

Make sure you are logged in. Goto the Funders List page, click on the funding company. Below their profile you will see the review section. Reviews are only done by and visible to members.

How can I advertise and promote my business on your site?

We would be happy to dicuss all options. Please submit a request from the Contact Us page and we will contact you.

Where do I Claim my profile?

For Funders, you can submit a claim request directly to us at For ISOs/Brokers - goto the ISO Profiles - For Brokers members page. Next to your company press the 'Claim Now' button. We will send you an email once it is approved. Then you will be able to send free email invitations for Funders to review you or you can simply invite them yourself. Once your profile is claimed, you will notifications each time a new review submitted.