Frequently asked questions

Where is the data sourced?

All data is sourced from public records or from the founders experience and database from many years of working in the MCA space. Ratings and reviews from our staff are only opinions. All other ratings and reviews from approved members do not form any legal advice.

Can I buy lists without becoming a member?

No, starting Oct 2020 you must be an approved member before we will send you the list. Its free to create an account. You can submit a quote request in the 'ISO Data' tab.

What if I already have a list of ISOs and only want new ones?

You can send us a list of ISOs company names that you do not want included in the list you order. We will dedupe them from ours and send you the ordered amount. We understand this is a delicate exchange of information if you dont know our business but just keep in mind our main goal is to provide a central location about all ISOs and we already have thousands.

How do I submit ratings or comments on ISOs?

Goto the Members- 'ISO List/Ratings' tab. Once you click on the Company Name, you will see the ratings section to make a rating. At the bottom you can leave any comments or reviews.

Is the Community open to the public?

No, only members have access to this sites Community that will allow for exchange of information and conversation. All members are prescreened before approval to ensure integrity within the site.

Who can become members?

Members will consist of funders, lenders, ISOs and some other third party companies within the Alternative finance industry. We allow ISOs/Commercial loan brokers to join with a limited access where they can view their own ratings and FI Score, invite Funders to rate them, and can rate Funders in the Funders List.

What is the FI Score?

The FI Score is made up of ratings in 3 categories: Overall experience, Volume, and Ethics. We then calculate the average to get the FI Score. We will be incorporating more data points into the calculation.