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Canadian Business Funding

There are many alternative business finance companies but not all offer unsecured term loans. We put together a list of lenders that offer a business loan product directly with merchants or through ISO partners and other channels.

Rates, maximum funding amount, and terms vary. 

This is not an endorsement for these companies so please perform your own due diligence before working with them.

Advertising Disclosure 

Advertising Disclosure
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Merchant Growth

Financing built for small business
Get funds for your small business in just 24 hours. Merchant Growth provides solutions
tailored to your business needs. 

E-Commerce Financing
Build your e-commerce business with our financing tailored to your specific needs.

Fixed Financing
Ideal for businesses who might not have debit/credit sales or those that prefer a fixed payment.

Line of Credit
Get funds that are flexible and aligned to your businesses needs.

Minimum Requirements
Location: Canada
Monthly Revenue: $10K
Time in Business: 6 months


Fast small business loans on your financing terms
When it comes to small business financing, whatever you need, Driven has got you covered.

Apply in Minutes
Get the capital you need, from $500 to $300,000, in as little as 24 hours

Always-On Support
24/7 availability, online and off

Experience You Can Trust
Driven has lent over $1 billion to more than 17,000 Canadian businesses since 2006
capital advance.png

Capital Advance

Funding For CanadianSmall Businesses
The financial solution you need for your business, regardless of your industry or credit score.
Process and requirements
Operational for 3+ months.
No Start-ups
Canadian based businesses, Excluding Quebec
$10,000+ Monthly Revenue
Capital Advance Advantage
We're here to help, our professional advisors strive to provide the best solutions ready for you when your business needs it.

2M7 Financial Solutions

2M7 Financial Solutions was founded in 2008 to meet the growing financial needs within the small and medium-sized business market. 2M7 is a Canadian alternative to the traditional funding providers, specializing in Merchant Cash Advances.
2M7 says they are proud to have the highest approval rating in Canada, with 97% of their clients successfully receiving funding.
They provide merchant cash advances from as low as $1,000 and up to $250,000 depending on what your business qualifies for.
Absolutely no interest charges, no fixed payments, or hidden admin fees for the entire duration of your advance.


Canacap is an alternate lender in the MCA space.
We offer funding for Canadian and US business that range between $5,000 to 500,000.

Their number one priority is to put the power of business growth back in your hands by giving you convenient access to working capital without the massive paperwork, complications, and delays of a traditional bank. Their one page application process is fast, easy, and free.

Our expert in-house underwriters help our clients get approved for financing quickly and with minimal paperwork.

EFSA Capital

Online financial service company EFSA Capital Inc. is Canadian-owned and -operated. They provide merchant cash advances to Canadian small- and medium-sized business owners who require additional funds for advertising, hiring, new machinery, and other reasons.
They offer adaptable borrowing options that let firms develop, expand, market, and make investments.
Who is eligible
Canadian business
Minimum 6 months in business
Minimum $15,000 monthly revenue

IOU Financial

Flexible Small Business Loans from IOU.
IOU Financial is publicly traded on the Canadian TSX-V exchange under the ticker symbol IOU (TSX-V: IOU).

3-Minute Application, Pre-Approved in Seconds!

IOU’s new Premier PLUS term loan is available to businesses that have been in operation for at least 5 years and rewards those with high credit scores. This product is designed to provide small business owners with easy access to larger loan amounts and payments spread out over 36 monthly installments:

SharpShooter Funding

SharpShooter has been providing funding solutions to small Canadian businesses since 2015. They understand that smaller businesses don’t always have the time to jump through the hoops involved in attaining business funding with a bank, so as an alternative Canadian Business Funder, they make applying for funding solutions easy and
Get Funded Without Delay:
Their simple process with no submission or upfront fees makes prequalifying for their Canadian Small Business Funding extremely quick and easy when you apply online. Get your funds within 48-72 hours of your funding offer provided by SharpShooter Funding.


Created to support and empower small businesses, OnDeck is 100% committed to serving our customers with the smartest financing solutions and world-class service. OnDeck is the secure financing service that business owners everywhere can
truly rely on.

Fixed Term Loans
Pay a set amount for a fixed amount of time
From $5K-$300k

Lines of Credit
Pay only on what you borrow from this convenient credit line
From $6K-$50K

Flex Funds
Flexible repayment based on your daily card sales
From $5K-$300K
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