Collection Companies

Below are Collection companies that provide collection and recovery services for merchant cash advances as well as other loan products. There are many out there but we chose just a few that are very familiar with the MCA space.

If you haven't worked with any of these providers before please perform your own due diligence, as this is simply a list for reference.

Advertising Disclosure 

Dedicated CR

Dedicated Commercial Recovery

Dedicated is an ethical commercial collections company that partners with leaders who are looking to change the face of commercial collections.
We are entrepreneurial in our approach. We flex and mold to your business process, and function as a seamless extension of your own company. All the trust, responsiveness and flexibility of an in-house collections department without any of the management cost. Working with us never feels like just farming out a job. 
Our approach is fine-tuned: persistent enough to be effective but not so much that the debtor is pushed away. Taking the path of gentle firmness is why our clients say we’re the most effective in the business.

AMA Recovery

Launched in 2015, AMA Recovery was started by a Houston attorney with twenty years of experience in commercial debt collections. From the beginning, our strategy has been to be 100% dedicated to collecting merchant cash advances.

​With this strategic imperative in place, we developed a proprietary process tailored to the collection of merchant cash advances. Our process is comprehensive and turnkey -- we cover delinquent, defaulted, litigation and post-judgment files.

psi collect logo

Prestige Services Inc

Prestige Services, Inc (PSI) is a professional collection agency specializing in the collection of commercial accounts nationwide, and internationally.
PSI Prestige Services is one of the most highly respected collection agencies in the industry.  We have been in business over 17 years now and have 0ver 50 years combined experience.  We have proven to be responsible, reliable, trusted and above all, respected by our clients.  

Cure Payment Recovery Solutions

CURE Payment Recovery Solutions, LLC is a debt collection agency, offering traditional third-party collection services to the Merchant Cash Advance, Commercial, Consumer and Financial Industries . We will partner with your staff, and assist them in gathering relevant information upfront that is essential to recovery efforts.
CURE’s experienced recovery specialists will use the information that you gathered to provide professional, effective and compliant recovery solutions. We give each account our personal attention so every dollar collected, will add to your bottom line