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Lending Solutions Software

Lending software for funders, lenders, or brokers comes in many shapes and sizes and there are many options. Some financial institutions develop their own, others have customized software that is on a platform like Salesforce, or they may purchase one to run their lending business.

Fully secure to the latest technologies, most are customizable to credit policies and are some of the leading names in the alternative finance industry. 

Commercial lending companies typically use specialized software for credit decisioning and customer relationship management. This type of software is designed to help lenders assess the creditworthiness of potential borrowers and manage the customer relationship throughout the loan process.


The software may include features such as automated credit scoring, financial analysis tools, and customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities. This allows lenders to quickly and accurately evaluate loan applications and make informed credit decisions, while also providing a central platform for managing customer interactions and tracking the status of loans.

By using this type of software, commercial lending companies can streamline their operations and improve the efficiency of their lending process.

This is not an endorsement for these companies so please perform your own due diligence before working with them.

Advertising Disclosure 

Advertising Disclosure
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Centrex Software*

Loan Origination Software Platform

A loan origination software platform that performs both for you and your team members.

Centrex offers an end-to-end loan origination software platform that can be built the way you run your business.

Web & Lead Integration
Easily integrate your lead and web applications directly into the Centrex LOS with triggers and team notifications. 

Customized Workflow
Customize your stages and statuses and their colors to build a workflow that follows your businesses lifecycle.

Lender Matchmaking
Manage all lenders and create custom profiles for each lender.  Submit to multiple lenders based on filters.

Client Portal
Give your clients a secure portal to log into to see loan status, upload documents, see tasks, and much more.

Cloudsquare lend transparent

Cloudsquare Lend

Cloudsquare Lend is the most flexible, scalable and innovative loan management system for ambitious alternative business lenders. We offer more configuration options than any other lending platform, and no coding required, so you don't have to rely on us to manage your business.


As a turn-key, Salesforce-native platform, Lend is the best solution for any growth and technology-minded lender that plays to win. This isn’t a run of the mill lending platform, or Loan Origination System (LOS), but a seriously powerful, end-to-end and automated system, designed for companies ready to move fast and blow the competition out of the water


  • Bring all your processes under one roof

  • Get deeper business insights

  • Fully automate your funding process

Try it risk free, with our 90-day free trial. 

Cloudsquare broker transparent

Cloudsquare Broker

The most customizable and effective MCA Software on Salesforce, built specifically for brokers in Small Business Lending and Merchant Cash Advance.


Get started with Salesforce without the time or hassle of building a custom system while still being flexible enough to accommodate your cash advance business’s specific needs.

  • Speed up your time to close

  • Streamline communications

  • Keep all of your data centralized and easy to access with MCA software

Keep Ahead of the Competition with Our Flexible, Turn-Key Loan Software for Brokers

Try it risk free, with our 90-day free trial.

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MCA Track

The Very Best in Funding Automation

Smash your goals with the most reliable and complete solution in the industry. Easy automation and deal management add unmatched leverage to any funding environment. MCA Track is the trusted and hassle-free way to grow your Merchant Cash Advance company now.

  •  Lightning fast decision-making, streamlined workflows and the effortless payment integrations are a click away.
  • MCA Track manages billions of dollars in transactions every year.
  • Scale up your Merchant Cash Advance company with total confidence while you partner with the pioneer of funding technology!


Lendflow provides embedded credit infrastructure for fintechs, lenders and software companies to build, embed and launch credit products.

Combining a powerful credit decisioning engine, contextual product placements and a robust marketplace of specialized lenders, Lendflow enables every company to build, embed and launch financial products within their ecosystems.

With Lendflow, fintechs can launch credit products in minutes, SaaS companies can increase customer engagement and retention with embedded credit, lenders can expand their reach to qualified SMBs and SMBs can quickly access capital to power their growth.

Say goodbye to manual processes with Lendflow’s credit decisioning engine.

mca suite

MCA Suite

Whether you are a broker or a funder, MCA Suite is a merchant cash advance CRM with all the components necessary to improve your operations and to support your merchant cash advance business.
Deal Tracking
Track deals from leads, to underwriting, through collection. Supports refinancing of existing funded deals and syndication of deals with individual investors and other funders.
Integrations & API’s
MCA Suite integrates with ACH partners for automatic payment tracking. Run credit checks from within the application.
Secured Document Storage
Documents are stored in the cloud and accessible from anywhere. Redistribute documents to business partners with ease. Pre-populate your custom documents with fields from within the system.
And much more.


Intelligent decisioning configured to your needs. Biz2X is the leading digital lending platform, enabling financial providers to power growth with a modern omni-channel experience and best-in-class risk tools. 
Developed and built from over a decade of Biz2Credit’s trusted online lending experience.

Use Cases: Term Loans,Card Opening, Trade Finance, Line of Credit, Small Business Administration, Commercial Real Estate

  • Effective at reducing processing times and lowering overall cost.
  • ​Can increase application rates with customer acquisition digitally
  • Configurable and customizable modules set to your rules, procedures and policies.
  • Protected with SOC 2 and ISO-27001 certified.
  • Responsive to regulatory demands
  • Credit analytics tool suite
Explore your options today!

Onyx IQ

Onyx IQ is a digital lending platform that enables you to automate every aspect of your business. Originate, underwrite, and close more deals — with ease. With ready-made workflows, configurable scorecards, and an ecosystem of integrations at your fingertips, we offer a one-stop shop for B2B lenders.

Underwriting Portfolio

View all of your underwriting functions in one prebuilt and data-intelligent interface that drives better decision-making.

Broker Portal
House your pipeline and dedicated processes under a single login. As the only point of contact you will need to manage your lending ecosystem, Onyx IQ's broker portal makes workflows more efficient and data more accessible.

Gain greater visibility and better control over syndicated deals as a Funder or Syndicator. Automate syndicator payments, repayments, and reports. Give your syndicators the autonomy to operate on their own Syndicator Portal.

Customizable Decision Engine
Create your own scorecards according to your business rules. Weight scoring rule sets by importance and based on your unique customer base. Generate unique scores or render unique offers automatically.

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