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Business Funding Companies

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Below are business funding companies that directly provide financing to business owners across the country. Most of these are merchant cash advance companies but some also offer Business Term Loans and Lines of Credit with amounts to $500,000 or more. For lenders that offer Invoice Factoring, Equipment Leasing, SBA Loans, and Real Estate backed loans, please see our Menu-Provider Lists.

ISOs and business loan brokers can submit a review by clicking on any funding company name. If you wish to sign up with one of these Funders as a broker or referral partner please contact us for the benefits of working through Funder Intel or click the signup button.

Merchant Cash Advance

What is a Merchant Cash Advance? By definition, a Merchant Cash Advance is a purchase of Future Receivables at a discount. This is where the Buyer is the MCA direct funder and the Seller is the Merchant. An MCA agreement must have an indefinite term for repayment contingencies. 

A business owner in need of quick access to capital may be wondering if a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) is right for their business? As opposed to a typical term loan, the approval process for an MCA(also known as Working Capital or Revenue Based financing) is short, can be done online and the credit requirements are minimal. Although some providers may check your credit, having a lower than average credit or no collateral is generally not a problem. Some don't even have a minimum credit score required.

You can apply for an MCA in minutes and get an offer within hours if not sooner. Businesses are typically required to provide documentation such as bank statements and if process credit cards then statements for the last 3 months among other essential documents. 

Terms of the offer enable you to repay the advance as a % of sales, or in a fixed amount, meaning it's set based on an amount that won’t hurt your cash flow.

Funding approval could take place within 1-2 days once all contracts are signed and any other documents verified.


Some criteria for being listed as a Direct Funder:

  • Any ACH withdrawals from merchant must be from Funder

  • Proof of contracts and ISO agreement

  • Transparency of whether they broker deals sourced from ISOs

  • Funds deposited to a Merchant must show from that Funding company entity

If you see any company that doesn't fit these criteria please contact us with that information.


1) All Reviews are done by only approved members, either business loan brokers or direct funders, whose name is displayed providing transparency to all reviews.

2) Reviews should only be done by those having working experience with the company they are reviewing.

3) Any review that goes against our company policy such as sensitive data, slanderous, or defamatory comments, we have the right to remove the comments as well as further actions such as revoking your account access. However, we are not investigators seeking to solve a dispute between two or more parties.

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This is not an endorsement for these companies so please perform your own due diligence before working with them.

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Advertising Disclosure
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