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Build A Business Loan Broker Company

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Have you wanted to own a business with the ability to earn a high income and control your own destiny?

Become a Business Loan Broker in a trillion-dollar market or grow your existing one with our training.

  • No prior experience needed

  • No license required

  • Tap into our network

  • Work Full Time or Part Time

  • Help business owners get the capital they need

  • Turnkey solution

  • How to earn the highest commissions

  • Better than a franchise

  • No territory restrictions

  • No royalties

The time has never been better to get into the commercial finance industry for a number of reasons, the least of which is the direction of the economy and the lending from traditional banks tightening.

Opening up your own business loan brokerage company and becoming a business loan broker is not difficult and has low startup costs, but being a successful business loan broker that has a sustainable competitive advantage for many years while earning an income that supports your desired lifestyle is a very different story.

You can start with zero experience and scale the business to 50 or more sales reps with the right business strategy.

Business loan brokers, also called commercial finance brokers, business finance brokers, and ISOs(Independent Sales organizations) have great flexibility in their business with regards to where they operate their business, what products they offer, to whom, and when.

There are many different ways of growing a loan broker business so I set out to offer a process that I found that works and isn't being offered in the way I wanted to help others succeed. Even experienced business loan brokers will benefit from some of the tips and advice we give and lenders we can connect you with.

What You
Will Learn

What Does A Loan 
Broker Do


A business loan broker originates a business loan, then packages that loan to funding companies that can fund the deal. 


How To Setup A Loan Broker Business

Setting up a business loan brokerage can take a few days to a few weeks, depending on how large you want to go. 


Which Commercial Loan Products To Offer

The main products a loan broker will offer are in two categories, unsecured and secured. 


Types of Business Lenders

Learning the different lenders comes with the different types of loan products that business loan brokers offer. 


Find & Package Deals 

We will cover how loan brokers go about gaining leads, what to do with leads once you get them, and which documents are needed to send to lenders.


Earning Income

We will dive into what each loan product typically pays out to the loan brokers, the differences in how lenders handle commissions,  and long term strategy for maximizing revenue for business loans. 


“Today we use the training for new people that we bring on.”

“I’ve looked at other programs and they were charging tens of thousands of dollars for the same information, really not even the same information, less than what you are giving. How you bring everything together with the lenders, with the software, with the process.”


~Steffen Giles-Osborn, CEO Credit Square (watch his whole interview here)

“I started at zero and now I have a better picture as to how this business works, sure I have lots of questions but I like sticky notes so I will tackle one task at a time as my questions have answers. It was a pleasure."


~Maria Garcia

“The course gave me the finishing touches required in order to land a contract with a highly selective company. On a side note the site content is cutting edge, kind of like a Facebook for Commercial Financing thought leaders."


~Vicky Perez

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