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We Refer ISOs To You

When ISOs are interested in connecting with you, we will make the referral.

Business Meeting

​Funder Intel will assist in getting you new ISOs​ when they visit our MCA Funders List or other channels.

  • Funder Intel will refer ISOs they source directly to Funder to get on board via email, phone, or text.

  • Funder must update Underwriting guidelines on MCA Funders list

  • Funder will decide if they want to onboard that ISO.

  • Funder agrees to pay Funder Intel a commission on any deal the ISO funds in perpetuity or a monthly fee.

  • We will not be handling the deals.

  • Both sides with sign a partner agreement.

Submit the form

Thanks, we will contact you! Please update your underwriting guidelines if you haven't lately.

When users click 'connect', we will send you their information
Sample UW guidelines
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