Factoring for Funders

Being a direct funder, you need to have your available capital, credit lines, or other financing set up to match up to your funding volume expectations and goals. If not, you will lose out on business and potentially more serious cash shortfall issues. 


There are many options to obtain high amounts of capital to continue growing your funding business, and one of those ways is for Factoring the direct funders' RTR. In other words, funding for the funders.

Below is one of the main companies offering such a service for Direct Funders. This is not an endorsement of any company on our site.

Advertising Disclosure

Banana Exchange

Banana Exchange provides unique and ongoing funding programs for MCA funders of all sizes.

All funding programs are based solely on the MCA's RTR amount - no financial checks or personal guarantees are required. 

Funding RTR of $500,000 up, Banana Exchange factors the MCA RTR and advances a portion (25% -40%) of that amount at super competitive rates.

As the MCA acquires more RTR, Banana Exchange offers more funding, thus creating a positive growth cycle for the MCA.

With Banana Exchange’s fast and simple funding solutions you will have the control and flexibility to grow at your pace and a strategic partner to take you forward.

You can message us to have a call setup with Banana Exchange.