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Factoring for Funders

Being a direct funder, you need to have your available capital, credit lines, or other financing set up to match up your funding volume expectations and goals. If not, you will lose out on business and potentially more serious cash shortfall issues. 


There are several options to obtain large amounts of capital to continue growing your funding business, and one of those ways is for a direct funder to factor their RTR. In other words, funding for other direct funders. 

Below are the main companies offering such a service for Direct Funders.

If you know of any other providers that fit this list please contact us with that information.

This is not an endorsement of any company listed on our site.

Advertising Disclosure

Lender Capital Partners

Are You a Merchant Cash Advance/Alternative Business Loan Provider?
Lender Capital Partners provides capital to commercial lenders, particularly in the merchant cash advance / alternative business loan space.

Lender Capital Partners provides the following products to merchant cash advance, alternative, and online business lenders:

  • PARTICIPATIONS / SYNDICATIONS -Allow lending platforms to offer larger size approvals to their customers while reducing their concentration risk associated with larger deals 
  • FORWARD FLOW PROGRAMS - They can provide lending platforms with the capital to purchase assets the platform originates and allow companies to free up cash flow and not have to worry about equity requirements or “hair cut” money associated with traditional asset based credit lines.
  • BROKER GRADUATION PROGRAM - For Brokers currently originating a minimum of $500k a month and would like to take “the next step” by becoming your own funder and increasing your margins but don’t have the equity capital to do so
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