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Podcast with PIRS Capital COO Andrew Mallinger: How Revenue Based Financing is Driving SMB Growth

In this podcast, we dive deep into the world of revenue-based financing (RBF), the financing product fueling small businesses, with Andrew Mallinger, COO of PIRS Capital.

PIRS Capital is now among the top funders by volume in the Revenue Based Finance industry. Shane and Andrew get into the following topics:

  • Where the RBF industry is today and where it's going

  • RBFs importance in driving SMB growth

  • RBFC/Funders Forum + Brokers Expo

  • Generative AI use cases

  • 2024 outlook

  • Keys to success within the industry

  • Q & A from the guests ( great questions! )

To reach Andrew Mallinger or the PIRS Capital team, see below:

(888) 494-4881

To learn more about our sponsor, the Revenue Based Finance Coalition, visit their site.

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Great information 💯

Shane Mahabir
Shane Mahabir
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Thanks Matthew!

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