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Legal Challenges in the MCA Industry with Jacob H. Nemon

Updated: May 27

Federal RICO litigation is one of the biggest legal challenges to MCA funders today. It's a powerful tool in the merchant litigation arsenal.

In this video, I interview Jacob H. Nemon, Partner at Carter Ledyard, about his recent article titled "SDNY Is The New Worst Place To Litigate MCA Disputes" which covers the RICO litigation as well as many other cases that have impacted or will impact the MCA/Revenue-based financing space for years to come.

Key Topics:

  • Federal RICO litigation

  • 4 year statute of limitations

  • Fix your contracts

  • Do the Right Thing: Go beyond the letter of the law or contract

  • Things funders and brokers can do now to protect their business

  • Broker/Funder Compliance

Thanks for watching!

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Partner - Carter Ledyard


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