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How To Use Our MCA Companies List To Your Advantage

mca companies

A few years ago we set out on a journey to provide information and resources that were not readily available or complete with enough information that could benefit the alternative business lending industry. One of our first provider lists was the merchant cash advance direct funders list. Our site has evolved since then to include many lists but this one helps brokers evaluate and decide if they want to work with an MCA funder in seconds.

And now we can help our site members get connected more quickly! Read on.

What is it

The most complete merchant cash advance funders list anywhere online to be used as a resource to find new partners, check underwriting guidelines, and directly connect with certain vetted funders. Some business owners will even see if the funder they are in contact with is listed and any other information they can gather without being a member.

We have over 200 merchant cash advance (also called revenue or sales-based) companies that directly fund businesses at least some percentage of the time, which means they could also have a sales team or broker out deals. Many if not most companies do some of both, given that they want to monetize leads and keep customers in their ecosystem. And sure there are other MCA/Revenue based funding companies in existence but they are smaller or keep a very low profile.

We are always adding more funders so if you don't see your company on the list please contact us.

mca companies list

Why provide this MCA companies list

We offer this list to be used as a resource when seeking information about mca funding companies that someone could potentially work with and for funders to promote their business. The direct funders who keep their page updated are the ones who get the most benefit because brokers can quickly compare their guidelines against others in our 'compare funders' function. Funding companies are encouraged to update their underwriting guidelines and notes as they make changes or offer bonuses periodically.

compare mca companies

Some benefits of being a Funder Intel site member

  • See the full page of each funder with underwriting details and other notes

  • compare funders side by side

  • ability to quickly connect with a vetted funder

  • direct message member who works for the funder

  • group chat with funders and brokers


Our verification process

In our list, you will see 'verified' companies. We have a criteria and process to determine that. Nothing is guaranteed as business processes change, but our main focus is to ensure that the company funds at least some percentage of deals with its own in-house funds. That means the funds are being directly deposited from that company. Having an ACH withdrawal from a merchant does not always prove that the company is directly funding.

There are other things we look at including online presence like website and social media. We look at employees connected to the Funder on LinkedIn because it says a lot if the company is not set up online with a level of transparency.

We do not decide whether a company is good or bad, but we do have the right to remove any funder if there are major concerns or other issues.

To see more on what we need to verify a direct funder go to the Add Your Business page.


Funder Referral Program

We have been providing funders with the ability to get connected with Funders through our site at no cost to them as long as they are members and have actively used the site. Our new referral program is where the funder will gain added benefits to increase their online presence to ISOs/brokers and make it easier for brokers to request to connect or get their questions answered with a warm introduction from Funder Intel.

Some details:

  • Funder Intel will refer ISOs they source directly to Funder to get on board via email, phone, or text.

  • Funder must update Underwriting guidelines on MCA Funders list

  • Funder will decide if they want to onboard that ISO.

mca companies funder referral program

Click the button to learn more and sign up.


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