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Get More Files Accepted At No Cost To You With MyScoreIQ

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Obtaining the credit score for a business owner is a very significant aspect of the approval process for most business funding providers, including brokers who want to have an accurate score to then proceed with the file accordingly.

In this video, I talk to Tom Fragala, VP of Business Development for IDIQ, a credit score and monitoring service that can offer brokers a way to improve their funding process while at the same time generating a new revenue stream without a cost to the broker. We discuss that and:

  • What IDIQ does

  • Ways it can help brokers/funders

  • How to use IDIQ

  • Best practices

  • Monetization

To learn more and partner with IDIQ, click the button.

If you are seeking to check your credit with MyScoreIQ, click HERE.


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