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The Funders Forum + Brokers Expo Panel Announcement

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Recently I was given the opportunity to be a moderator for a panel at the Funders Forum + Brokers Expo coming up in March and I happily agreed to do so. Really looking forward to hearing from all the speakers including the headliner Daymond John. Our panel follows his speech where we will discuss Technology, Fraud, and Data Security. There are so many advancements in technology at every level it's difficult to keep up so this should be a good conversation.

The conference is in its early years but has already made an impact with last year's event being a great one. I expect more of the same but on a bigger scale going forward. The conference is at a top-notch location in The Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood, Florida on March 8th-10th. If you haven't already decided to go you can visit their site for more information.

Hope to see you all there!



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