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Catch Prospects Using Dux-Soup Automation

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Sales is a marathon, not a sprint. It involves prospecting, nurturing, building relationships, connecting, and yes, closing. Dux-Soup(DS) is a lead generation automation tool for LinkedIn that can boost your sales by helping you find, attract, and engage with prospects. Once you have the Dux-Soup Chrome Extension setup, you only need to make a couple of clicks to let DS start reaching potentially hundreds of LinkedIn users per day. LinkedIn, with its 500+ million professionals, is a great place to generate leads and Dux-Soup will definitely help you there.

Dux-Soup is best for seeking and building relationships with B2B decision-makers for selling your product or service. For a loan broker, if you search for a specific term like "restaurant owner", LinkedIn will return all of those results which you then use DS to connect with. This will help you cover hundreds of profiles which, in turn, will help you land solid leads. The idea behind using the tool is to save time while being more efficient when prospecting for leads.

Automation tools like DS can help bring you to the sales finish line, delivering triggered responses and follow-ups so you don’t have to sit staring at your inbox, wasting valuable time. When done correctly, automation doesn’t replace authentic connection, it complements it. Automation is powerful and increasingly popular. The true strength of automation comes from its unparalleled ability to combine and integrate various tools to build the perfect solution for whatever it is you need or want.

And in sales, what you need and want is leads: a steady, uninterrupted flow of qualified leads arriving at the top of your sales funnel.

Why use Dux-Soup

Dux-Soup essentially becomes your virtual assistant on LinkedIn. It saves you countless hours when trying to reach your target audience compared to manually performing actions to do so.

Not only does DS keep track of every profile visit you make, but it also allows you to make notes and tags when doing so. It has a very convenient UI with several useful features such as automatic messages and capturing data such as emails when available. All the data recorded can be exported into spreadsheets for reports or outbound campaigns.

A major plus, especially for beginners, is their responsive customer support. They are incredibly fast and can guide you through how to use all the different functions.

Dux-Soup is important in the management of potential clients. You can interact with them through InMail even if they are not part of your connections. DS records your previous engagement and it can easily take action based on that. When running campaigns, this tool comes in handy because it helps to create relevant target groups to increase your rate of conversion.


Here are some of DS functions:

  • Auto-visit profiles

  • Auto-skip previously visited profiles

  • Auto-message 1st-degree connections

  • Auto-endorse connections

  • Auto-follow any profile

  • Sending auto-invites with a personalized message

  • Visit profiles lists

  • Visit based on previously downloaded CSV

  • Visit previously tagged profiles

  • Filter different fields like ‘Premium Members’, ‘Job Seekers’, ‘Influencers’, ‘Open Link members’, and ‘CRM imports’

  • Workflow integrations with other platforms (only for Turbo plan users)

Plans and Pricing

There are three plans for you to choose from:

Starter, Professional, and Turbo.

Some of the features per plan:


Q. What is Dux-Soup used for?

Dux-Soup offers Lead Generation automation specifically for LinkedIn

Q. How much does Dux-Soup cost?

Dux-Soup has 2 different plans:

  • Professional at $14.99 per user per month(annual plans lower)

  • Turbo at $55.00 per month.

Q. Does Dux-Soup offer a free plan?

Yes, Dux-Soup offers a free plan.

Q. Does Dux-Soup provide API?

No, Dux-Soup does not provide API.

Q. Does it have connections with other platforms?

Dux has workflow integration with two tools – Hubspot and Zapier. It plans to further add more CRM, sales automation, and marketing automation platforms in the future

Q. Do you need any coding or technical skills to set DS up?

No, the setup is simply downloading the DS extension from Google Play then choosing options from the settings.


4 Stars

Its not easy to get a 5 Star rating so even with 4 stars here I highly recommend Dux-Soup because it offers immense features and capabilities for the sales person seeking to automate and enhance their lead sourcing. With all the automation tools I have worked with, Dux-Soup is the most user friendly, dependable, and best value for the return on investment. Best part is you can start building relationships and gaining new business immediately.

What’s your best advice for lead generation? What works best for you? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.



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