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MCA/Revenue-Based Financing Underwriting Course - access for 8 weeks but the course can be done within 1 week.


If you are a Broker, ISO Manager, Salesperson, switching careers, trying to get into commercial finance, or a business owner, this course will help you!


BENEFITS to learning about how the underwriting process for merchant cash advances works:
-close more deals as a broker or salesperson
-find a new job in underwriting 
-get promoted in your current company
-pick deals better to syndicate on
-communicate better with underwriters
-improve operations of your ISO shop
-manage deals better
-negotiate with funders better
-onboard and train employees more quickly
-understand the latest underwriting strategies
-learn about risk models
-identify fraud
-reduce wasted time
-place deals with funders more accurately


We will provide the scope of:
-what an underwriter does, 
-the underwriting process from submission to funding, 
-what's involved in credit models, 
-how to analyze bank and credit card statements, 
-review other documents and stipulations required to approve deals like Tax Returns, 
-information brokers can use to close more deals, 
-and much more.


By The Numbers:
114 minutes of video
21 Steps
38 Quiz Questions
Access 16 weeks



Once you purchase the course, it will show up in your My Programs tab in your member area. If you are not a member yet then you need to sign up.

MCA Underwriting Course

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