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Ways Salesflare Can Improve Your Business

Salesflare was founded after numerous frustrations with different CRM tools the two co-founders sourced and used for their business intelligence software company. The two co-founders set out to automate all the customer data by building an easy-to-use CRM.

The data the two partners were tracking in their CRM was already in existence in many other places. They could detect and read email signatures, pull in meetings, sync emails, track opens and clicks, integrate social data, see new sales contacts automatically, enrich contacts and companies with publicly available information, and much more.

What is Salesflare

Salesflare is a lead nurturing and intelligent CRM platform preferred by the B2B businesses of small and medium sizes to sell more with less work. The email drip sequences are automated and sent to nurture leads in a more personalized manner at scale. Additionally, it automatically fills out the address book and keeps track of the contacts available, giving the user an idea of who to follow up with.

Salesflare is a fascinating option for merchants who are tired of the old customer support and CRM software. Through a unique CRM solution approach, Salesflare empowers small B2B businesses.

Salesflare boasts of its artificial intelligence compared to other CRM platforms. The system dives into social media accounts, email applications, phone logs, social profiles, company calendars, servers, and databases to auto-fill already set categories, making the sales process more straightforward. Hence through Salesflare, the prospects’ social profiles are accurately maintained. Additionally, the CRM solution notifies businesses concerning their customer interactions through alerts.

Provisions that give Salesflare an upper hand against other platforms include team insights, interaction tracking, sales funnel analysis, leader board, revenue insights, automated to-do lists, website tracking, sales intelligence, sales pipeline management, goals and quota management, custom fields, communication history, opportunity assignment, lead management, contact management, predictive lead sourcing, automated reminders, and email tracking.

Salesflare is a Customer Management Software that leverages automation to help in data management, capture relevant leads, and progressively nurture them to track their activities. But that is not all, it also facilitates collaboration across departments and team members.

All Salesflare features are cloud-based which increases accessibility. The application integrates with other productivity tools like Google Apps, Trello, Slack, MailChimp, and Microsoft Outlook, providing a holistic customer relationship management system.

Key Features of Salesflare

Self-Service Portal: Requires little if any technical skills to go through the whole process of signing up, using the mobile app, and integrating relevant applications.

Campaign Management: Salesflare has Gmail and outlook plugins that blend with the user inbox through a mailbox sidebar display. Campaigns can be launched directly from the emails, create opportunities and set up profiles of your pipeline through the inbox.

Database Management: The CRM platform connects you with the company database, phonebook, social media emails, calendars, and emails for in-depth data mining that saves you the trouble of manual data entry.

Customer data management: Salesflare categorizes Leads accordingly and sets up the company accounts they represent. The contact management is automated and flexible. Contacts are established from newly introduced contacts through emails or meetings.

Pipeline management: Opportunities and contacts are organized by Salesflare based on the flow of the sales pipeline. Information is centrally placed where one can view and coordinate the sales processes.

Lead scoring: The CRM system establishes leads through analyzing the contact data. It generates alerts for potential hot leads through alerts for quick actions on follow-up of promising opportunities. To get the best outcomes, Salesflare also supports the personalization of engagement emails.

Email tracking: The CRM system offers email tracking, campaign analytics, link tracking capabilities. The emails are tracked to provide insights into their delivery status and the response patterns of the contacts.

Collaboration tools: Salesflare was initially built for startups and small businesses, however, the platform can support large teams through its collaboration tools.


All features are provided simply under a single-priced package. The number of team members a business determines the price.

Growth package - $35 per user per month, $29 per user billed annually, and comes with all CRM features.

Pro package - $49 per user per month for an annual billing option, $55 billed monthly.

Enterprise Package - $99 per user, billed annually

Pros of Salesflare

Accessibility: It is cloud-based

Smooth integrations: Salesflare integrations are easily done through a sidebar

Fully automated contact data management system: The fully automated data management system gathers information from relevant platforms and generates new leads.

Inbuilt intelligent pipeline: this feature helps the user to identify and follow up on sales opportunities.

Lead scoring feature: this feature identifies a list of priorities to give to specific sales deals.

Free trial for new users: New users enjoys a 14-day free trial period

Salesflare Cons

Doesn't have an email builder to customize email designs.

Lack of an omnichannel sales pipeline campaigns as follow-ups is only restricted to emails.


Salesflare is a great option for an ambitious sales team. This CRM system is easy to use, generates and nurtures leads that are categorized for optimal efficiency. The system's overall capabilities including its way of linking contacts from many company networks and social media accounts is an advantage not found with many CRMs currently.



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