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Send Text Marketing Campaigns From Anywhere

Marketing is an essential aspect of keeping any business sustainable, competitive, and profitable. To grow awareness for your products or services, you need a means of marketing to reach the customers directly and offer them concise information about your business.

With the right marketing approach, you can easily grow your business, reach more customers and promote your brand. Your relationship with your customers will also be improved when you can better target your marketing messages. There are several channels to reach your customers, such as emails, social media, and one of the most popular currently are text messages.

Text message marketing, or SMS messaging, is one of the more effective marketing methods known to have high success rates. It works because it's direct, it's personal, and people always have their phones which means that it provides higher open rates that lead to a competitive edge. It is a form of communication that your customers use on a more frequent basis thus can provide you greater engagement and a higher conversion rate for your marketing campaigns.

SimpleTexting is a texting/SMS marketing application with all the tools and features that can be used by a business of any size to create and deploy successful text messaging marketing campaigns. You can integrate the application with all the necessary programs such as your CRM software.

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It can also be used by multiple users simultaneously giving you the ability to distribute marketing tasks to several members of your marketing team. You no longer require a PC to use the software as they have an app to give you mobile access.

Whenever you need a scalable SMS marketing service, SimpleTexting will be an ideal solution for you. It features analytics that provides for easier reporting of your text campaigns in addition to unlimited contacts. You can receive incoming messages for free and rollover credits that you have not used in a month to the next month.

Ease of Use

As you set up your account, SimpleTexting will provide you with instructions on maneuvering the dashboard and using the different features available. The dashboard provides a seamless design. You should never miss a message thanks to an account inbox right on the dashboard. Importing contacts is easily done from the dashboard as well as adding new contacts.

When you are dealing with different customer segments, the marketing tool enables you to create custom fields. SimpleTexting customer service is also readily available to provide you with assistance whenever you need help using any of the features of their application.

Several other simple tools are at your disposal. You don't have to move from one screen to another to access many of the useful functionalities and features in the application.

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Mobile App

The SimpleTexting mobile app adds to the platform's usability, giving you access to all the platform's features from anywhere in the world. With the mobile app, all the incoming messages are accessible directly allowing you stay in closer contact with your customers.

The mobile app also ensures that you have freedom of movement and can work on responses even when working remotely. This helps with staying productive even when away from the office.

SimpleTexting Features

These features are designed to make your text marketing campaigns more interactive and give you useful insights to improve as you progress:

1. Two-way messaging and teammates

The ability to have two-way conversations between your business and your customers is essential for their satisfaction. Sending and receiving messages with this feature means you no longer have a one-sided conversation. Additionally, you can organize your users with the Teammates feature, designed to assign messages to different employees.

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2. Scheduled Texts and Autoresponders

You can schedule your messages in advance enabling you to better manage your time. The autoresponders feature provides you coverage when you are not able to respond during normal business hours and drip campaigns. Automatic replies to standard queries make it possible for the customers to find the information they are looking for without your involvement.

3. Integrations

SimpleTexting offers integration with various apps such as MailChimp, Salesforce, Hubspot, Zapier, Shopify, Slack, and Zoho CRM. You can import contact lists from other CRMs and email marketing services.

4. Webforms

In the same way customers on your website sign up for emails using the newsletter form, you can have them opt-in for text messages from your website. A simple embedded form on your website is essential for building your contact list. Make sure to have the proper legal disclaimers added to reduce the number of people that unsubscribe from your messages.

5. Keywords, Segments, and Custom Fields

With SimpleTexting, you can reserve keywords that you would like to use in your marketing campaigns. Customers that subscribe to the keyword are added to your contact list to produce specific content for those subscribers.

Audience targeting is simplified with the use of segments. Your subscribers can be grouped into different traits categories.

6. Link Tracking and Data Collection

You can track shortened links in your SMS messages to determine how many and which customers click on them. They give you the analytics to measure the results of marketing campaigns in several reporting options.

7. Contests and Surveys

Grow your audience with the Text-to-Win feature, which enables your business to run SMS-based sweepstakes. Texting polls can also be efficiently run on the platform by using multiple choices answers clearer feedback and data collection.


Overall SimpleTexting brings almost all of what any small or large business needs in a texting platform in an easy-to-use way that is hard to find anywhere else. It would be good for the novice to the expert in marketing.

Sure there is always room for improvement, and without improving, businesses usually fall behind.

In terms of a scalable SMS marketing service, SimpleTexting is a great choice for you.

It is recommended for businesses that need to improve engagement with their customers and provide value.

With this app, SMS messaging will be easier to manage and more beneficial for your business. You have the ability to deliver better results for your business. Text message marketing is here to stay for the foreseeable future so if you haven’t already been utilizing this channel yet then SimpleTexting offers you a great system with which to begin. You will be more effective at growing your brand.



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