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The Strategic Capital Raises of Specialty Finance Companies

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

specialty finance

In the commercial finance ecosystem, specialty finance companies have emerged as crucial pillars, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), navigating through the economic tides with strategic financial activities. While CFG Merchant Solutions, Fora Financial, ClearCo, FundFi, and Lighter Capital are examples within this sector, their financial activities provide insights into the specialty finance (Revenue Based financing) market's health and trajectory.

Fora Financial, known for its flexible financing solutions for SMBs, recently closed a $130 million revolving credit facility and a $10 million investment-grade rated corporate note, despite the prevailing challenges in the capital markets. This strategic move not only solidifies its capital base but also enhances its ability to support the SMB community amidst the unpredictable economic cycle.

Lighter Capital, another pivotal player in the specialty finance sector, has also made significant strides, securing a $130 million credit facility to further its mission of providing non-dilutive, revenue-based financing to technology startups, particularly in the SaaS, technology services, subscription services, and digital media sectors. The firm, which has provided hundreds of millions of dollars in financing via more than 1,100 rounds of growth capital without startups having to sell equity, designed its financing model to offer adaptable payment terms, term financing featuring fixed monthly payments, and contract financing.

Melissa Widner, CEO of Lighter Capital, emphasized the importance of alternative financing, especially considering that venture capital firms fund a small percentage of technology companies. Widner noted, “One of the biggest challenges has been just educating companies that there is an alternative to dilutive financing.” Lighter Capital’s new financing vehicle is expected to fund hundreds of early-stage companies across the U.S., Canada, and Australia, providing financing from $50,000 to $4 million with an average financing of $600,000.

While Fora Financial and FundFi have recently bolstered their financial positions, CFG Merchant Solutions secured a significant capital raise earlier this year, showcasing a sustained momentum in the sector. These financial activities extend beyond their individual market positions, signifying a broader narrative of resilience and adaptability, ensuring that SMBs have the financial support to navigate through various business phases and challenges.

specialty finance

The specialty finance market has evolved into a vital partner for SMBs, providing them with the financial lifelines required to navigate through operational and expansion-related challenges. This, in turn, fosters a culture of innovation and sustainable business practices, ensuring that the economic ecosystem, particularly in the realm of SMBs, remains vibrant and robust.

The impact of the specialty finance sector is far-reaching, stimulating economic activity through enhanced spending, production, and service provision, while also fostering job creation and innovation among SMBs. This propels the economic wheel forward, ensuring stability, growth, and prosperity even amidst economic uncertainties.

As these specialty finance companies continue to navigate through economic challenges, their strategic financial activities are symbolic of a steadfast commitment to nurturing and sustaining the entrepreneurial spirit within the SMB community. Thus, ensuring that the economic ecosystem remains vibrant and robust, now and in the future.



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