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Industry Experts Share Their Insights and Experiences of 2023

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

industry members

The year has been a wonderful year for Funder Intel. We have grown in almost every way possible, whether it be members of our site, our service and product offerings, website visitors, revenue, and held our first in-person networking event! In 2024, we expect more of the same and other plans so stay tuned.

We also wanted to know how other industry members from a variety of business types felt about their year and the following is what they had to say.

“Although the rate hikes may have made many cautious with their spending, we have seen organizations increase their budget in technology to get ahead of the competition. We anticipate that 2024 will bring confidence back into the markets, and those that took advantage of the slowdown will be rewarded.”

Jeffrey Morgenstein

CEO Cloudsquare

"In 2023, Upfunding Capital experienced a year of notable growth, expanding our team and making strides into new markets within the industry. As a company in its early stages, we dedicated the year to refining our internal operational processes to ensure the delivery of high-quality services. Looking forward to next year, we’ll prioritize enhancing technology and reinforcing commercial teams, better assisting ISOs and brokers for improved and efficient approvals."

Javier Alvarez Wrobel

Co-Founder & CPO Upfunding

"In 2023, Financial Lynx experienced remarkable growth, boasting an impressive 80% increase in sales. We've expanded our team with six new members, including two seasoned business banking experts with over 20 years of experience. Additionally, our network has grown stronger through partnerships with over 300 new broker referral partners, extending our industry reach. Finally, we've diversified our product offerings, introducing a specialized equipment lending division and adding over 30 new banks to our line of credit program which marks a significant milestone in our commitment to providing top-tier solutions for business owners and real estate investors."

Juan Caban

Financial Lynx

"The Revenue Based Finance Coalition (RBFC),  made great strides during 2023 celebrating wins in the legislative process and also celebrating growth of the trade group signature events The Funders Forum and Brokers Expo between both events  RBFC saw record numbers in sponsors, vendors, and participants. This means that the goal of the organization to educate our partners, funders, and those who regulate our industry is happening in a major way.  We look forward to continued growth in 2024 especially in our membership. Thank you to our Executive Board and our members and partners."

Deveron Gibbons

CEO/Executive Director RBFC



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