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The only dedicated platform for ratings, reviews and contact data of MCA and business loan ISOs. 

Our services are designed for funders, lenders, and other stakeholders in the alternative finance industry who want to have an impact on and reward the business practices of brokers while also growing  their referral network.

We now serve ISOs that want to see their own rating and also review funders.

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ISO and Loan Broker Ratings
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Members will be able to rate merchant cash advance and loan ISOs, submit ratings and reviews, get real time updates and more.  Log in each day for updated information including featured ISOs, new ISO's, and best business loan broker shops and merchant cash advance companies by ratings.

All reviews and data are contributions from approved members or company staff. 

The only ratings system specific to MCA and business loan brokers allows funders to make a difference for the industry.

Where do you find more MCA ISOs? Searching online will take you days if not weeks of your valuable time, cost you money paid to staff to research and you still won't find enough. You won't find much about their volume, staff or ethics. You can order lists of ISO companies with phone numbers, email addresses and more. We will continuously update our data. MCA funders must be approved as a member to rate ISOs and ISOs can join as brokers to view ratings.

List of ISOs and loan brokers
  • Unlimited access to ISO profiles

  • ISO DBA names, phone, email, & more

  • Member Only Community

  • Real time notifications of reviews and other intel

  • Brokers can view their rating

  • Monthly ISO spotlight

  • Live Chat with other members

  • Guest Blog

  • Add or update your business info.

Funder - VP Sales

"Funder Intel will be critical to vetting our ISO partners going forward."

Our Story

After many years working for funders  in the small business finance industry, our founder noticed a lack of a primary source that provides the information funders need to grow their partner base with quality Independent Sales Organizations(ISO) and other top loan brokers. Also there was not a source for finding out the quality of an ISO(or broker) and if they are held accountable for business practices industry wide. He set out to change that.

Our Vision

We aim to offer transparency on alternative finance and business loan brokers and now funders to add value to all stakeholders which will ultimately improve the merchant experience.  Members will be able to contribute to our unique rating system at no cost. Those ISOs that earn high ratings will benefit as online reputation grows and those that don't will be in a less favorable position.


The unique value in what we offer is providing a centralized place for real time ratings, reviews, and other content provided by only approved, credible industry members. This includes everything from basic contact info of ISOs, ratings, reports of double fundings and stacking, backdoored deals, employee size, estimated volume, and more. We will also have guest blogs, podcasts, and video interviews.



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