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Valuable Intel in One Place

Funder Intel is the only dedicated platform for ratings, reviews, and other data of alternative finance Brokers and Direct Funders. 

Ratings and reviews can be submitted for the thousands of ISO/Loan Broker 

companies in our listings as well as over 140 direct funding companies

that focus on MCAs but may also offer term loans and lines of credit.

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What We Offer

ISO and Loan Broker Ratings
150 Ratings

Contributing to ratings and reviews will be a benefit for all in the industry as it centralizes all sources of credible information on companies listed in our system.

Members are be able to:

  • write reviews on ISOs and Funders

  • claim company profile

  • automated review invitations

  • see your FI Score

  • respond to reviews and more.  

Log in daily for updated FI Scores, new ISOs & MCA brokers and direct Funders, as well as which ones to stay away from.

All ratings and reviews are from

approved members only.

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List of ISOs and loan brokers
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Jordan B. - FundFi Merchant Funding

Giving funders and brokers a like a platform to rate and review each other creates real time transparency for everyone involved. It makes things much easier when dealing with someone new, being a way to get background info or a review about a company, when you haven't heard anything before. Also can deter you from the inevitable bad egg.

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