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Owner of Prime Capital Ventures, CCTG, NACLB, and FUPME raided by the FBI

Updated: Jun 18

There you are working on financing a multimillion-dollar real estate project that is your career dream when a lender appears to have the answers for your project's financial needs. You put a deposit down, as agreed, that will be held in an Interest Credit Account to get the Line of Credit that you are promised. However, once you send millions as a deposit to the lender you wait weeks for the funds.

They never arrive.

This is what happened to many when dealing with Kris Roglieri, Prime Capital Ventures and Berone Capital Fund, according to a 117-page complaint that alleges fraud in not delivering on the lines of credit nor returning the deposits each client gave to Prime. These deposits totaled over 60 million dollars.

Just a day after the complaint was filed on Feb 1st, the FBI raided the home of Kris Roglieri, owner of Prime Capital Ventures, and his business partner Kimmy Humphrey, stemming from a lawsuit that accuses them and several other entities, including Commercial Capital Training Group (CCTG), National Association of Commercial Loan Brokers (NACLB), Prime Commercial Lending, the Finance Marketing Group, and Berone Capital Fund LP, of fraud, among other allegations. 

This is shocking news to those like myself, who have met Kris Roglieri, gone to his NACLB events, seen him online in several videos for CCTG, and have only had positive experiences with him. The ramifications are significant.

Certainly, we will let it all play out in court, however the evidence is damming.

The other company involved is Berone Capital Fund LP, a hedge fund based in Atlanta, Georgia. The two members listed for that company are Jeremiah Beguesse and Fabian Stone. 

In 2022, they started doing deals as Prime Capital Ventures. The lawsuits for not fulfilling the LOC obligations started in 2023. They piled up quickly. The case that got a bankruptcy proceeding going against Prime was brought by COMPASS-CHARLOTTE 1031, LLC, and two other plaintiffs. Prime was forced into bankruptcy as a result.

Once the case made its way through the court system a judge appointed Paul A. Levine, of Lemery Greisler LLC, as Receiver of Prime Capital Ventures, LLC and

Berone Capital.

I read through the 117-page complaint so you don’t have to.

The following are the key findings. 

Key points

  1. Prime Capital Ventures, formed in Delaware, set up a fund to offer financing in Lines of Credit to companies for real estate projects. They were to supply the LOC to the borrowers once deposits were received. They never did, happening on multiple occasions starting in 2022.

  2. The other defendant hedge fund Berone Capital Fund, LP. Prime and Berone entered in to a joint venture on August 16, 2022, whereby Berone was the Managing Member and Prime the so-called “PC Member". Berones members are Jeremiah Beguesse and Fabian Stone.

  3. Prime and Roglieri were sued for the return of deposits. There was non-communication and subsequent legal action was taken. 

  4. Prime is blaming Berone.

    1. However, according to documents, Prime has not produced any records between Prime Capital and Berone to corroborate such a statement.

      1. If it was Berone ripping Prime off since early 2023, then why did it continue after the first issue? That doesn’t make sense without Prime knowing something is going on.

  5. “At least nine would-be borrowers in 2022 or last year made multimillion-dollar deposits but never received loans nor received their deposits back”.

  6. Forced bankruptcy in December by lawsuits of three of the plaintiffs. The Bankruptcy Trustee determined that bank statements submitted to him by Prime were fraudulently created. 

  7. Money from most of the original bank accounts money was deposited in to should have stayed in those accounts until the completion of the line of credit, however, millions were transferred to accounts for Kris Roglieri and his entities. Not much has been found.

  8. The total missing is over 90 million dollars (updated). The Receiver has checked bank accounts for Berone with little luck.

  9. Money was tracked to have been spent on luxury cars, jewelry, a house, and private jet trips. Among the purchases by Kris Roglieri:

    1. a 2.2 million dollar Richard Mille Tourbillon Skull timepiece(see below)

    2. a rare Maserati MC12

    3. Paid Cash for a $3.75 million house

  10. No criminal charges filed yet, but with this FBI raid and Kris’ lawyer telling everyone Kris is getting criminal defense counsel, charges are likely.

    1. The raid was in part likely to confiscate assets that could be sold by the defendants and thus remove the possibility of some of the deposits being returned to their rightful owners. 

  11. The house that Kimmy Humphrey was living in was owned by Kris Roglieris company, who paid $3.75 million cash in Jan 2023, as detailed in the evidence.

  12. Among the entities owned by Kris Roglieri is one called FUPME, which is an acronym for 'F!$K You Pay Me', which now seems very ironic given that he is being forced to pay others he is accused of defrauding.

    1. The company that uses that name FUPME makes merch including stickers that he puts on his cars (as shown below).

  13. Kris Roglieri's Instagram account called @teamloansharks is also profiled on other YouTube channels showing off his car collection, which was entered in as evidence. 

prime capital
A snippet from a video entered into evidence


From the complaint

From defendants IG account
From defendants IG account

prime capital


$2.2 million watch

prime capital


prime capital


There is so much to cover and new information will be brought out soon.

Here are links to several sources:


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