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Samson MCA sues Boston Market | NAC starts SBA 7a loans | MJ Capital update | Plaids expansion | Jobless claims

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We normally send out The Funding Curve each Thursday but since that is July 4th this week we decided to send it out Wednesday and also to publish it on our Blog. We hope you have a happy and safe July 4th!

There were some interesting stories in the past week that you should be aware of and that's why we bring you this newsletter. Hope you enjoy it! Don't forget to share it with like-minded individuals.

Recent Top Stories

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Boston Market has collapsed in a wave of lawsuits and other legal filings over unpaid bills. The fast-casual chain has thus far avoided bankruptcy court, and its structure is a complex tangle of LLCs around the country, many with different listed owners.

That has left creditors effectively fighting over whatever assets they can find.

For nearly a decade, NAC has exclusively served rural American businesses providing tailored financing options through the USDA Rural Development Loan Programs.

See below in the Blog.

Plaid got its start as a company that connects consumer bank accounts to financial applications but has since been gradually expanding its offerings to also include lending, identity verification, credit reporting, anti-fraud and payments.

The number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits inched up last week and remain historically low, however, the total number of people collecting jobless benefits continues to grow.

mj capital

Our Latest Blogs

The MJ Capital saga is winding its way through the court system with the latest updates from Johanna Garcia's case in late June being a Notice of Change of Plea hearing scheduled for July 9th. Stay tuned for coverage of the hearing including on our Instagram: @funderintel

mj capital

Industry Stocks to Watch

These are prices from July 3rd before the market opened.

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Small Business Stats

Source: Bluevine BOSS Report

Bluevine surveyed over 1,100 small businesses nationwide - with annual revenue between $100,000 and $5 million

More SMBs will seek access to capital this year (45%) compared to 2023 (38%).

Of those seeking access to capital in the year ahead, 55% are looking for a new credit card and 55% are seeking a new lender.


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