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Create Your Own AI Videos

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Looking to grow your video content?

All businesses that are growing their brand and seeking to generate leads with an online presence need some sort of video content these days that will drive new customers and improve their bottom line. A technology that has come to the market is AI Video Creation, which can help businesses create videos in a way that has many advantages over normal videos.

What is Synthesia?

A web-based application called Synthesia allows users to make videos using AI avatars. It can produce videos 80% more quickly than normal and is being used by thousands of businesses. The entire video is created within the application, no equipment is needed.

Transform your computer into a recording studio

If you're thinking this Synthesia software is too complicated then you might be in for a surprise. The software is actually really easy to use and Synthesia includes many instructional videos.

You can take a script that you want to use in a video, pick from a template that Synthesia provides, and have that video created in 10 minutes or less.

Sure there are more advanced editing and other capabilities that the software allows that would take up more time but in the simplest way you can get videos created quickly that would normally take you hours to shoot and edit.

Save time and money

One of the biggest hurdles with creating a video is the time and money for equipment and human capital it takes to produce. It's less costly that years prior because of the video quality of cell phones but still, you need to record the content until you get it right. With AI video, the quality of the video is always the same and it is error free. There is no stumbling over your words or reshooting a segment because of some noise interruption.

You simply have to choose from over 50 avatars that are all human-like, pick a voice out of many different accents and dialects, then add anything else like music or text onto the screen.

If you don't like being on camera or buying expensive equipment needed to make quality videos then this is a great option for you until you do get to that point. I do think you need to create some personalized videos within your marketing plan so AI videos may only be a supplement for some. Most businesses are not getting enough video content out there which may be holding you back in building your brand. In addition, there are ways to use these videos for internal processes like sales training that eliminates repetitive training(more below on that).


  • Synthesia is growing rapidly and adding features like new avatars, voices, and effects weekly and monthly.

  • Templates make it easy to just fill in your specific copy, images, or other videos layered into the video.

  • Has many traditional editing capabilities like transitions, music, video background, layered text, pausing between slides,

  • Option to upgrade to use your own voice and face in the videos so that way you get to personalize the video.

  • Over 60 languages

  • 50+ avatars

  • You can embed your Synthesia videos in 30+ apps, and update them anytime

  • Use our PPT to video converter to transform plain PowerPoint files into engaging videos in just 5 minutes.

  • More than 5M free stock images and videos.

Use Cases

  • Onboarding videos that funders could use to have loan brokers watch before they sign a partnership agreement.

  • Welcome videos to business owners once their deal closes or simply subscribe to your site.

  • Instructional training course for new hires or any other topic covered repeatedly.

Synthesia use cases


The cost is $30 per month for 10 credits where each credit equals 1 minute. This is very reasonable considering all of the things you get. Ten minutes can go a long way.

There is also a corporate plan that you need to contact them to discuss.

SAMPLE VIDEO - Click play


Synthesia is the best AI video platform out there. They are still a startup so there were some challenges before but those have been ironed out and outdone by continuing to add really great features that any amateur can use. The UI/UX is intuitive and there are tips for use when first starting out or when any updates are made. Implementing Synthesia into a business process is a great addition to any business.


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