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eBay partners with Liberis to offer revenue-based financing product


eBay, the global e-commerce giant, has taken a significant step to support its seller community by launching a new financing product called Business Cash Advance, according to a press release on July 10th. This innovative offering, developed in partnership with Liberis, a leading embedded finance platform, aims to provide U.S. eBay sellers with quick and flexible access to working capital


Key features include:

• Funding up to $1 million available in as little as 24 hours

• Streamlined, 100% online application process

• Flexible payment schedules aligned with sales cycles

• No minimum payments or early payment penalties

• Transparent reporting through eBay Seller Hub

The program addresses common challenges faced by small businesses in securing financing, offering:

• Pre-approved funding from $500 to $1 million

• Rapid fund transfer, typically within 12-24 hours

• Personalized application experience

Avritti Khandurie Mittal, VP at eBay, emphasized the company's commitment to fueling seller growth through tailored financing solutions. Rob Straathof, CEO of Liberis, highlighted their focus on providing fast and responsible financing to empower eBay sellers.

This initiative reflects eBay's dedication to supporting its global seller community across 190 markets, and they already have term loans through Funding Circle, potentially stimulating growth in the broader e-commerce ecosystem by removing financial barriers for small and medium-sized businesses.

Read the full Press Release here.


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