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'Don't Say MCA': New Bill in Florida Being Rushed Through

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

The new bill for Florida being rushed to the Senate floor called ‘Don't Say MCA’ will have lasting effects on all those who want to be successful in business. The bill is being passed through the Florida Senate with lightning speed after concerned business owners raised the issue about children being taught about merchant cash advances way too early in school even though there is little evidence of this.

These business owners are worried that children will find out how to get working capital to grow their businesses if they decide to become entrepreneurs to control their own destiny one day. Concerned business owners and state officials gave examples of how some children right now are starting their own businesses at ages less than 18 years old and doing better than their parents.

The concerned parents do not like this at all!

They are ok with financial literacy being taught in school, but just not MCAs and other products that they view as destructive to society.

They claim MCAs are predatory, and those that endorse them are also predatory, but the real concern is that business owners and state officials don't want people to know about MCAs until they are old enough to make decisions for themselves. That is when they can take on the responsibility of growing their businesses.

The bill would allow parents and any business owner to file lawsuits against ANYONE who teaches their kids about MCAs including teachers, janitors, equipment suppliers, Amazon Prime delivery persons, cafeteria workers, coaches, the debate team, and the cheerleaders.

Notably, no mention of the term revenue-based financing in the bill. So instead everyone can just learn about that.



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