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$1.1 Billion? Yes, White Oak Commercial Finance has a new credit facility

Updated: Jun 17

white oak commercial finance

White Oak Commercial Finance, LLC (WOCF), a leading provider of non-bank asset based lending to lower and middle market companies, has secured a substantial $1.1 billion credit facility, according to a press release from yesterday. This significant financial boost was arranged by Wells Fargo and involved 11 other banks, underscoring WOCF's strong position and credibility in the commercial finance industry.

The $1.1 billion credit facility will enable WOCF to expand its lending capabilities, broaden its product offerings, and enhance its operational efficiency. This move reinforces the company's commitment to supporting small and medium-sized businesses across various sectors, including manufacturing, transportation, construction, and healthcare.

"White Oak Commercial Finance’s working capital facilities can range from $10 million to $250 million or more. Products include accounts receivable purchase facilities, asset-based revolving loans, asset-backed term loans, supply chain finance, and traditional factoring", they noted in the press release.

Key Highlights

  1. Increased Lending Capacity: With an additional $1.1 billion in credit, WOCF will have greater financial flexibility to provide larger loan amounts and cater to a wider range of clients, presenting new opportunities for business growth and expansion.

  2. Diversified Product Portfolio: The influx of capital will allow WOCF to diversify its product lineup, potentially introducing new financing solutions tailored to specific industries or business needs, further solidifying its position as a comprehensive commercial finance provider.

  3. Operational Enhancements: The credit facility will enable WOCF to invest in technology, streamline processes, and enhance operational efficiencies. This could translate into faster turnaround times, improved customer service, and a more seamless experience for clients.

  4. Expanded Geographic Reach: With increased resources, WOCF may explore opportunities to expand its geographic footprint, providing access to a broader network of potential clients across multiple regions.

  5. Reputation and Stability: The $1.1 billion credit facility, arranged by a reputable institution like Wells Fargo, reinforces WOCF's credibility and financial stability, instilling confidence in businesses seeking reliable and trustworthy partners in the commercial finance space.


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Andy Noel
Andy Noel
Jun 15

Is there a contact for White Oak?

Replying to


Jake ForrestalProsek Partners (on behalf of White Oak Global Advisors)

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