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What Does a Broker Do

1) What Does A Loan Broker Do

Business loan brokers use their connections with various direct funders or lenders to connect business owners with the right one so that as seamlessly as possible, the business owner gets the funding they need, the direct funder makes a profitable transaction, and the ISO makes a commission for being the matchmaker for the transaction. An ISO is only paid its commission once a loan is closed.

Independent Sales Organizations have played a vital role in the growth of the small business lending industry as they often act as the eyes and ears of direct funding companies which can help with underwriting and adapting to market changes.

Business Lending Ecosystem

Small Business Lending Ecosystem

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What it Takes

Through our many years of experience on both the funding and broker side of this industry, we have detailed knowledge that will expedite your learning curve tenfold, and save you money and time in doing so.

  • Becoming a business loan broker is not some get rich quick scheme, you won't make a million dollars in your first year. However, you can expect to make a great income once you have a full pipeline of deals.

  • It's not just for finance professionals or college graduates, older or younger, or any other background really. Some financial background attributes might help but they are not required for success.


  • If you put the effort in, can communicate with people, and use a calculator, then you will have success where the income potential is unlimited.

  • So, if you are seeking more income by becoming your own boss and living the life you desire, then now is the time.

Course Benefits

Course Benefits:

  • Build a business with unlimited income

  • Become your own boss

  • Help business owners

  • Create jobs

  • Learn business finance

  • Scalable business

  • 8 trillion dollar industry

  • Connections to lenders

  • Exclusive networking Group

  • Sales training

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • There are no required financial skills or sales background, but both of those help. However, most people are successful when they are good communicators, tough minded, and detailed. All you need is a laptop and phone to start.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for anyone who has the desire to be your own boss, grow a business, and help other business owners.

By the numbers:

  • Lectures: 14

  • Video: 153 minutes

  • Access to Course for 12 weeks

  • Skill level: Beginner- Intermediate

  • Languages: English

Course Table of Contents

  1. Intro 

    •  What is a Broker, Ecosystem, & growth possibilities

  2. How To Setup the business. 

    • Checklist/setup the business

    • Social Media setup

    • Document downloads

    • Broker lean canvas review

    • Tips for starting up

  3. Loan products to offer

    • Loan Types

  4. Different types of funders/lenders

    • Business finance lenders

    • Preferred MCA Funders

    • Understand the KPI's To Grow Your Business

  5. Find and package deals

    • Sale and marketing tool kit doc

    • Sales tips

    • Why you need a selling system

    • Financial & Underwriting info to know

  6. Getting paid

    • Start earning income

    • Software and tools to use

    • Ethics in Commercial Finance

    • Coaching

  7. Wrap up

    • Offer negotiations

    • Keys to success

Course Options

The value we offer is like no other considering the real-world experience,  information, PDF files, videos, and more that we provide to you in a learn-at-your-own-pace simple format. 

Our goal is to help you get results. You can get a glimpse of this from the testimonials on the previous page.

Guarantee: If not satisfied with the course within 3 days, you can receive a refund. 

You can start earning commissions within weeks if you follow our process.





What You Get
Fast Start
Remaining Steps To Get Business Going
153 minutes of video
Business Loan Application Webform
Broker Business Model Canvas
Debt Schedule PDF
Broker Course Group to network
Exclusive training videos with funders, brokers, and other service providers
Warm Introduction to Direct Lenders
Sales and Marketing tool kit with scripts
2 Coaching Sessions (120 minutes total; valued at $298)
Website package, up to 6-page fully customizable, SEO optimized, fully responsive, professional site on Wix or WordPress (plans separate)

Choose one to get started

Course Options
Bio of owner


My name is Shane Mahabir, Founder and President of Funder Intel. I have been in the alternative business finance space for over 8 years where I have funded tens of millions of dollars for the funding companies that I have worked for. Also, I have worked for an ISO, have owned my own business loan broker company, and recently completed my MBA.


I created this course because I believe that given my unique perspective and experience, I can provide a course that streamlines the process of getting a loan broker business going and focuses on only the most important things you need to know to get ramped up. 

Additionally, I have a passion for entrepreneurship and helping others so I wanted to find more ways to make an impact on those interested in starting their own business without the high cost barriers to entry that prevent some from ever beginning.

Learn more about Me in these articles and videos:

Executive Interview Series: Funder Intel’s Shane Mahabir

Fueling Broker Growth: Business Lending Industry with Funder Intel Founder, Shane Mahabir

Shane Mahabir
  • What are the benefits of joining Funder Intel?
    The benefits are to network directly with other members or in our Forum, find new funding companies to work with, promote your brand, stay in the know on the latest information, and exclusive offers to events.
  • Who can become members?
    Members will consist of funders, lenders, ISOs/brokers, and other third-party companies within the commercial finance industry. We will need your real contact information o verify your identity.
  • What value does the Broker Course provide?
    When getting access to the Broker Course, you are able to learn all you need to know from A to Z for starting and operating a successful broker company. We provide a Sales and Marketing Took Kit with scripts and example media; warm introductions to Lenders; an approved Web Form and PDF application you use to accept business owners application; Lean Canvas Business Model; Software recommendations to use and introductions; course certificate; optional coaching and website!
  • How do I access the Forum?
    You must first be a member of the site to post and comment in the Forum. When approved as a member you can then engage with others per the forum guidelines.
  • How can I advertise my business via Funder Intel?
    We have several options including display ads, email campaigns, social media posts, and top placement on lists. We will send you the Media kit upon request. Please submit a request from the Advertise Your Business page under the MORE tab.
  • How do I earn rewards?
    Simply sign up and once approved you automatically earn an initial amount of points. Then visit the rewards page in the member's section to view how to earn more points and the rewards that are possible.
  • Where do I Claim my profile?
    For Funders, you can submit a claim request directly to the Add Your Business page. For ISOs/Brokers - goto the ISO Profiles - For Brokers members page. Next to your company press the 'Claim Now' button. We will send you an email once it is approved. Then you will be able to send free email invitations for Funders to review you or you can simply invite them yourself. Once your profile is claimed, you will notifications each time a new review is submitted.
  • When is your next Live Event?
    Hi, our events are shown on the menu under EVENTS.
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