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Referral Program

Partner with Funder Intel to get your clients the funding they need. Any client you refer will get priority access to our group of lenders that offer multiple business finance products.


Why Partner With Us


Funding advisors will help your client go from application to closing with securing the best options available.

1 Application

You only need to submit one application to us for any loan product. 

Access To Lenders

While you can see we have over 200 funding companies on our site, we work with a select group of those that understand our clients are their priority.

Updates Anytime

Get updates on your clients status at any time with our dedicted advisors.


When you refer a client through our system, you can stay active in the process the whole way through or you can pass them off to us to handle the full process until the client is funded.

Agressive Splits

We offer one of the highest commission splits for any referral. Contact us to learn more.

Grow Your Business

You are running your business and have come across clients that could use financing for their business but you have been unable to fulfill that need thus far. Partnering with the right company can allow you to help that client, keep them in your ecosystem for as long as possible, and attract more clients.

We are here to help you focus on running your business at a higher level.

Sign up with us today. 

Become a Partner

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