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The Rise of Non-Dilutive Financing

Non-dilutive financing

In an era where cash is king, businesses are constantly on the hunt for financing options that fuel growth without compromising ownership.

Dilution-free financing rises as the new power tool in the realm of business finance.

It's a financing model that removes the urgency to fundraise by turning future revenue into capital you can use today, without compromising equity or incurring traditional debt​.

What is Dilution-Free Financing?

The traditional dichotomy for SaaS businesses was to either scale fast with significant debt or dilution or bootstrap with slower growth and less available cash flow.

Now, a third option exists for Saas or other tech startups: scale without dilution. Companies like Pipe and Capchase are pioneering this approach, offering a new tool that SaaS founders have been waiting for, financing SaaS receivables without dilution​.

For other types of companies, non-dilutive financing is really the same as Revenue-Based financing. Revenue-Based financing is a type of business financing calculated as a percentage of business revenue, rather than a fixed amount of capital.

This is great as it allows companies to quickly access growth capital in exchange for a set percentage of future revenues.

There are hundreds of companies offering a similar product but with varying repayment structures.

A key difference is how the company generates recurring revenue.

non-dilutive financing

The Competitive Advantage of Dilution-Free Financing

In addition to helping SaaS companies grow without dilution, dilution-free financing also supercharges cash flows from multi-year sales contracts, all without any ACV (annual contract value) degradation.

This provides a competitive advantage for the healthy growth of the company​.

Dilution-Free Financing Versus Traditional Financing

Traditional financing options often demand assets for collateral, which can be a problem for SaaS or asset-light business models.

Revenue financing, a type of dilution-free financing, provides an alternative that lets companies access future cash flows from their customers’ monthly payments.

Borrowers’ credit limits can adjust according to their monthly expected growth, and they can draw funds when they need them, providing a flexible and adaptable financing solution​.

Benefits of Dilution-Free Financing to Business Owners

Dilution-free financing allows founders to maintain control over their business decisions without compromising board seats or diluting equity.

It also enables businesses to leverage their most valuable asset: the recurring revenue streams they've built.

Through Pipe, companies can augment fundraising and optimize cash-flow without dilution, making it a founder-friendly financing instrument​​.


As businesses navigate an increasingly competitive landscape, it's clear that the future of financing will favor flexibility and growth.

Dilution-free financing may well represent the new frontier of business growth, offering an innovative alternative to traditional financing methods that enable businesses to scale without dilution.



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