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Grow Your MCA Faster on Cloudsquare Broker

Cloudsquare broker

The decision of ‘which software to use for your Merchant Cash Advance business' is a significant one. Many small brokers start off using whatever it takes to make a deal happen, relying on spreadsheets, handwritten notes, and whatever ultra-affordable tools they can find, like basic email, SMS, and lightweight CRM options.

As they grow, these brokers begin to realize that not only do they need all their processes and systems under one roof, but that they also are losing time and money with all the manual processes, not to mention potentially missing out on a proportion of deals. Their competition may be using a more streamlined or automated system, with built-in business logic that successfully converts applications faster, and with greater accuracy.

Some of these brokers then opt for MCA CRM options that have a small upfront price tag. Many of these solutions work well for what they are, and as systems custom-built for the industry, are often a significant step up from Excel sheets and scraps of paper on a desk. However, they also have limitations in how much they can grow and flex. The end result is that all companies using these smaller platforms are essentially using the same system, with only minor variations between each other.

Cloudsquare broker

This type of system is often fine for small to medium size brokers who are comfortable with where they are, and willing to live with significant system limitations. However, any broker who is serious about growing and ambitious in their long-term plans, should take a long hard look at investing in a system for MCA built on the world-class foundation of Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM.

Cloudsquare broker

CS Broker is a turn-key system designed exclusively for MCA and built on top of Salesforce. This software allows brokers to get up and running on the Salesforce platform in a matter of weeks, while also providing unmatched options for flexibility and scalability built right into the application. No matter what stage your business is at, Broker can offer a more intuitive, streamlined, and efficient system for Merchant Cash Advance and Small Business Lending, as well as more long-term value from your CRM.

You get the natural scalability of the massive, enterprise platform of Salesforce

Salesforce isn’t the top CRM in the world for no reason. This software for connecting to your clients/customers has such robust foundational code, native features and native functionality, that just about anything you can imagine can be built. In fact, it has so much potential that it can be daunting for folks who don’t know the system. However, if you are building a dream house, wouldn’t you want it on a large, high-quality foundation with many acres of land to build on, rather than trying to cram everything you ever wanted into a small neighborhood block?

Cloudsquare took the Salesforce foundation and through pre-built settings, workflows, and processes, (and with input from hundreds of industry veterans) designed Cloudsquare Broker, a system to expressly meet the needs of MCA Brokers. We then made just about everything in the system configurable, so that you could have options to tweak the settings, from applications to submissions to renewals, to meet your specific needs.

On top of that, both Salesforce and Cloudsquare are constantly rolling out updates and new features. Salesforce is tuned into the cutting edge of business developments, like AI and data-driven decision-making tools, which get built right into the platform as it grows (although often requiring an extra purchase to fully unlock).

Other CRM options simply can’t match the scale, flexibility, and power of Salesforce. They can only go as far as their initial code allows, and if you want to expand beyond that, you have to consider buying a whole new system.

Build custom business logic

One of the most powerful aspects of Salesforce is the ability to automate processes and tasks and to create custom business logic that takes what used to be multi-day manual processes and turn them into an automated matter of hours. While it does often take an experienced developer to create these sorts of game-changing automations, once it is done, your work experience will never be the same and you will wonder how you got by without it.

With Cloudsquare Broker you get many of these essential processes pre-built out of the box, so right away, you can start processing deals faster and see ROI on your purchase. We have logged 10’s of thousands of hours consulting for MCA and Lending companies, and taken all that knowledge and experience, and put it into our app.

cloudsquare broker

Our thoughtfully designed architecture, which conforms with both Salesforce and industry best practices, can then be tweaked to match your specific business. So, when you sign up with CS Broker, you start with the foundation built on industry experience but also have the flexibility to make modifications as you grow and continue to use the system long-term.

Seamlessly integrate with third parties as you expand

Have you heard about the Salesforce AppExchange? Well, it’s kind of like the app store on your phone, but for your business. You can find, purchase, and seamlessly integrate thousands of apps to meet all sorts of business use cases and get the specific functionality you need, directly inside your system. By contrast, most other MCA CRM systems have a small and limited number of integration options, and anything outside of those, well you are just out of luck.

cloudsquare broker

As you grow with Salesforce and Cloudsquare Broker, if you discover a gap in your business and need a new tool, all you have to do is hop on the AppExchange, and within minutes, potentially find the exact solution to whatever your business problem may be.

Better connect to robust web applications & build partner portals

That robust foundation of Salesforce also allows you to integrate into any web application you may want to use, making it easy to connect to any external workflow or process. You can have it live easily inside your system, so no matter the use case, you can get the results and ROI you are looking for.

In addition, robust partner portals can be set up, allowing you to provide a smoother, more user-friendly and efficient experience for any of your partners and ISO’s. Have you ever dreamed of having a single place where your partners could log in, see open offers, applications, and the status of deals, while all that data is synced directly into your system? Salesforce and Cloudsquare Broker can handle that.

Easily manage user profiles and access

As you grow, you are of course going to be constantly expanding your database of users. From new hires to partners, to consultants, it's inevitable that more and more people will need access. This can be a scary proposition though if your system has limited user profile and access options.

In the ideal world, each new user gets to see exactly what they need to see, and nothing more, AND this can be assigned to them with only a couple of clicks. On Cloudsquare Broker, and with the native Salesforce permissions system, this is standard.

Cloudsquare broker

World-class security and uptime of Salesforce

Your data is your lifeblood. The more you grow, the more you need it to be 100% secure, not only for your peace of mind but because the big players expect it from you. When you use Salesforce and Cloudsquare Broker, your data is stored on the Salesforce servers, which are basically airtight. Nothing gets out that isn’t supposed to and for all practical purposes, there is no risk of any data breach from external forces, nor of any unscrupulous internal players digging into accounts. Any app provider you choose to add to your Salesforce, Cloudsquare included, will have no ability to access the data you store on Salesforce even though you are using their products.

In addition, Salesforce being a world-class system means that it has multiple backups, redundancies, and fail-safes for system uptime. In short: your system is (almost) guaranteed to be online whenever you need it and won’t suffer from system slowdowns due to underpowered servers. When you are growing, even one hour of downtime could be calculated as thousands of dollars of lost revenue. With that much at stake, you can’t afford to be running on anything but the best foundation.


If you want a system that has the potential to be built to your unique specifications and has the native foundational infrastructure to enable growth, Salesforce is where you want to be.

If you don’t want to take the time to look for a consultant, pay for hundreds of hours, and wait months for the custom system to be built, the turn-key system for MCA, Cloudsquare Broker, is the solution for you.

Want the power of Salesforce, but don’t want to just broker deals, but fund them as well? Take a look at Cloudsquare Lend.



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