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Comparing Shopify, Block, and PayPal's Lending Landscapes

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

In the bustling marketplace of business lending three titans—Shopify, Block, and PayPal—are charting different courses through the choppy waters. Shopify, with sails unfurled, is surging ahead, boasting an impressive $833 million in loans and merchant cash advances, marking a significant jump of $253 million since the close of 2022. Meanwhile, Block is navigating the currents with steady hands, facilitating over 120,000 loans this year, a modest increase from the previous year. In contrast, PayPal is taking a more measured approach, scaling back its lending by almost a billion dollars, reflecting a cautious strategy in an uncertain financial climate.

Shopify's Surge

Shopify's recent earnings report is a beacon of growth, signaling a bullish stance in the lending arena. The company's aggressive increase in lending assets is a bold statement of support for its commerce customers, empowering them with the financial tools needed to expand and succeed. This is not just a side note in their financials; it's a headline. Coupled with a 25% rise in revenue and a 36% uptick in gross profit year-over-year, Shopify is not just riding the wave—it's making its own.


Block's Balanced Path

Block, with its Square Loans product, is holding a steady course. Their approach is less about making a splash and more about maintaining a reliable stream of support for businesses that rely on them. The 4% year-over-year increase in loan originations suggests a balanced approach, one that offers consistency in a market that's anything but predictable.

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PayPal's Prudent Pivot

PayPal, once a trailblazer in the fintech space, is showing signs of a strategic retreat. Their lending arm has retracted, with a nearly 30% reduction in their business loans portfolio. It's a move that speaks volumes about their risk assessment in the current economic landscape. With a slight uptick in late payments, PayPal's decision to tighten its lending criteria is a clear nod to prudence in a time when the future seems as volatile as the stock market.

The Story Unfolds

These three fintech companies, each a powerhouse in its own right, are telling a collective story about the state of business lending. Shopify's aggressive growth in lending assets is a stark contrast to PayPal's pullback and Block's steady-as-she-goes philosophy. It's a tale of differing strategies and a reflection of each company's read on the economic environment.

For SMBs, these narratives are more than just corporate reports—they're chapters in their own stories of growth, challenge, and the pursuit of success. Shopify's lending boom could be a lifeline for many, offering a glimmer of hope and a chance to pursue their business dreams. Block's consistent lending practices suggest a reliable partner in an unpredictable world. And PayPal's conservative pivot might be a sobering reminder of the need for caution and adaptability.

As we turn the page on this fiscal year, the actions of Shopify, Block, and PayPal will be key indicators of the health and direction of business lending. Their reports are not just a ledger of profits and losses but a map of the financial frontiers that lie ahead for businesses big and small.


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