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Dedicated adds to its Senior Leadership

Dedicated Financial GBC today announced that Sarah Kelly has joined the company as its Director of Servicing. With over a decade of experience in the equipment leasing and finance industry, Sarah will spearhead the expansion of Dedicated's servicing business. Using her extensive systems and technology project management skills, Sarah will focus on developing an industry-leading, cradle-to-grave experience for Dedicated’s servicing clients.

Sarah’s extensive experience includes positions at KLC Financial, K2 Capital, and–most recently–KSK Consulting.

“Sarah is a commercial finance industry veteran,” said Shawn Smith. “Heck, she was raised in commercial finance, so it’s in her blood. That, combined with her passion and excitement for giving back to those in need, makes her a perfect fit to head up our growing servicing division, and we are truly excited and thankful to have her on board!”

From the Dedicated Financial GBC Press Release



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