Guest Blog 

Guest blog posting

Funder intel gathers quality information in the business loan space to inform all stakeholders and allow them to make smarter decisions. Our audience comes to to discover information that they won’t find easily accessible about ISOs, funders and other third party vendors in the industry.

To be a contributor with your own blog content piece, please contact us. Otherwise see other option below.

Guest Interview Blog

The other option we can do is to publish an interview style blog that begins with a brief background on yourself then answer a series of questions with some questions to change based on your business, position, or other important information.

Questions are:

Tell everyone about you, the business and how you got into the industry?

How can business owners find you?

So for the business owners reading this, what would you like them to know about your business?

What products do you offer?

What documents are needed and how long does the whole funding process take?

Now for industry peers who may be reading, what tips do you have for growing your business or being better at what you do? 

What do you see in your niche that you might say you have to make adjustments?

How do you find good talent to work for you?

What strategies do you use for growing your business? 

What's the most important thing you work on each day or week?

Anything else you would like to say for 2021?

If you are interested in having this type of blog submitted please contact us.